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About us 
First's equestrian  is a private equestrian club that provides services to horse lovers, including horse riding and show jumping courses for women, men and children of all kinds, and how to properly deal with horses with high professionalism while providing shelter for professional horses and entertaining at the highest levels and creating a social environment for horse lovers, their families and friends within the vision 2030​​

Our Vision 
Our aspired goal is for the First's Equestrian Club to become a pioneer and reference in the field of training equestrian riders in all horse sports and mastering them with all professionalism , creating an incubating entertainment environment for riders , family and friends

Our services
Horse riding for beginners
The possibility of evaluating and offering several options for beginners, amateurs and professionals, designed in proportion to the capabilities and needs of each rider . 
We also strive to create an environment for children and their families, amateurs and their friends and experience the atmosphere in total comfortable and enjoyable time . 
Daily rent of the stable
The club allows renting the stable for people, families, groups of companies, institutions and friends for your private or public events.
Equestrian Awareness Programs
We seek to raise awareness of the equestrian community and our clients to hold some lectures and workshops specialized in the field of equestrianism by hosting some distinguished personalities locally and regionally in the equestrian world on a regular basis

Horse riding and jumping
We seek to provide training and appropriate times in every privacy for the jockeys and knights and in the field with the highest safety and legal specifications and determine the tendencies of each person under the supervision of professional jump coaches who have the best qualification
Horse livery program
We board all types of equestrian horses for amateur riding and jumping horses for professionals and provide services and care with the highest standards and professionalism
Horse training and Behavior adjustment 
We are pleased to provide services for the operation and training for jumping or riding horses under the supervision of skilled trainers to modify any wrong behavior or train horses  new skills in order to facilitate the rider’s handling of his horse’s  and deal with it.  The club also provides a horse fitness  service through the club's fitness equipment
social responsibility
Sensing our humanitarian role towards our society and our country, we have the honor to welcome some dear groups and provide them with some support, such as people of determination, people with special needs and children of martyrs, and to participate in national holidays and events as available, provided that this does not conflict with our goals and the public interest.